Just Can't Resist

Rarely is one's entire belief system dismantled as quickly as Deepak Chopra's is here:

The argument works, of course, against post-modernism, and all forms of truth-claims which claim that "the truth is that there is no truth." But most of the people peddling that junk don't walk broadside into their inconsistencies in front of a studio audience.
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  1. And, of course, he [Chopra] stares blankly at the camera.

    Interesting reactions from the rest of the panel, too. Most angry; a few having some trace of humility left and seeing the folly of the whole thing.

  2. Alright. Two things:

    1) That was the most concise and awesome jab at relativist thought ever.

    2)Was that George Lucas!?

  3. If it WAS George Lucas, he'll probably ruin this perfect scene in the Director's Edition. ZING!


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