Fr. John Riccardo's Amazing Sermon on Knowing Jesus

Fr. John Riccardo, a priest from Plymouth, Michigan, was invited to speak at Kensington Community Church, a local Non-denominational church.  He gives an awesome 30 minute sermon on the importance of knowing Jesus, rather than just knowing about Jesus.  We need to hear this, whether we're Catholic or Protestant:

(I originally saw this on Ready with a Reason, but didn't sit down and watch it until Restless Pilgrim reposted it, so h/t to both)
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  1. Powerful stuff. I can't get used to him walking around like that, though.

    1. Nice. Father's relaxed and smooth, easy to follow and understand and all you can do is criticize and ignore substance. You get up and say something in front of a group of people and ask them for feedback on your every nervous habit and tic. Just try it sometime. Then criticize.

  2. Thank you, Father Riccardo! No wonder I put priests above saints on my Ladder of Sanctity! Yes, priests are all saints, even if they sin, because they are aflame in and smitten of the Lord. Keep up the ordeal, never stop in your efforts for God, persevere to the end, and Heaven will be the peaceful release that everyone wants, whether they admit to it or not!

  3. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this Joe.

  4. His parish is Our Lady of Good Counsel, and you can get his sermons there online. Also, if you go to Ave Maria Radio you can get many of his talks, which air daily at 11AM EST.

    (I attend mass at OLGC each morning. Fr John is a wonderful speaker --- his Wednesday noon bible study attracts up to 200 people each week. I am so blessed to be associated with his parish and my own, Christ The King in Ann Arbor, which has more studying for the priesthood and religious orders than any other parish in the U.S.)

  5. Great sermon. I wish more would preach like him. He brought the word alive!

  6. Wow. I could watch this every day.

  7. Father John is a truly gifted speaker and shepherd.
    I have listened to his discourse on Theology of the Body and loved every minute.
    God bless this disciple of Christ and my beloved brother.

  8. why am i not surprised? i actually remember watching this video last year....i guess it just takes me a little longer to pick up on a good thing ;)


  9. Just found Father John and I am not Catholic..but he is a very talented speaker and gets the word of God across in a relevant and real way. Blessings to him and everyone who watches it.

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